It’s Over! (umm, not really)

Well, it’s been quite a ride, literally.  It all began as a crazy idea back in the summer of 2015 that led to, in order: buying a brand new RV, quitting jobs, selling our beautiful East Vancouver house and beloved 1993 Volkswagen Eurovan, putting everything into storage and saying goodbye to family and a lot of good friends.  A few probably thought we were idiots, but most – even our wacky relatives – were unbelievably supportive and encouraging.  A big heartfelt thanks once again to everyone, particularly the big surprise send off at Tish and Tim’s that really set the tone for the year ahead.

We truly had the trip of a lifetime and we’re so thankful to have met so many old and new friends along the way.   All our friends and family showed us incredible hospitality both in Canada and the US, often with just a few days notice (we always tried to sound tired, hungry and pathetic when making contact).   Others we met on the road were a lot of fun and we hope to stay in touch with.  You all know who you are, but just for the record, here’s a chronological list:

Andy*-Liz-Bonnie*-Dewi*-Angela-Jim*-Catrona-Harry-Sherrill-Nick-Steve-Tammy*-Julie-Anne-Neil-Sandy-Glenn-Kim-Rob-Mary-John*-Shauna-Ema-Opa-The Tetleys-The Herringtons-Jackie-The Colleys-Norah-Carrie-Donna-Sandra-Julie-Eric-Helen-Paul-Janis-Christine-David-Dave-Lori-Sasha*-Colleen-Scott-Shannon-Bob-Judi-Dave*-Nancy*-Zeph**-Judy*-Nick-Joanna-Charlie-Linda-Kim-Sasha-Danielle-Witmar-Don-Rob-Sheila-Marissa-Tom-Monica-Tiger-Kim-Glenn-Janice-Scott-Tammy*-Julie-Bob-Linda-Renee-Colleen-Tim-Andy*-Liz-Bonnie*-Dewi*

* denotes drunkard category

There were lots of other brief encounters with wonderful people along our journey – way too many to mention – so cheers to all of you as well.  We consider ourselves extremely lucky.   We also really appreciated all the people who read our blog.  For a relatively rinky-dink publication, we were surprised by the number of followers around the world and humbled by all the supportive commentary (Harry and Sandy, you tied for top honours for number of comments).  Interestingly, we really didn’t get any negative feedback, not even from Papa Bear’s ornery old mother-in-law.   So here’s a tip, if you start a blog, always highlight the best feature (in our case, a sheepdog) if you want people to take an interest…

And last but not least, a huge thank you and eternal gratitude to Mama Bear for agreeing, without ever wavering, to this major life change (some might say mid-life crisis, but this kind of upheaval has been a recurring pattern for Papa Bear all his life).  As we said in our intro, ‘The biggest difference between a groove and a rut is that a groove takes us some place.’   We’ve also adopted another mantra, ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ which was a line from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings poem.  For us, it really wasn’t a typical vacation, it was a journey.  A journey with a thousand good memories.

Our vehicle, ‘MaBel,’ a 2016 Unity Leisure Van, turned out to be fantastic.  She averaged 13L per 100 kms (19 miles/gal) and had almost no mechanical problems.   All her many systems worked well and we always felt like we had a comfortable home (especially with 22 assorted pillows).  From the moment we picked MaBel up, we knew we purchased a reliable and quality product.  The factory tour we went on in Winkler, Manitoba only reinforced to us that Leisure Van makes one of the best RVs on the market.

Now for anyone out there considering doing something similarly nutty, here’s a breakdown of the numbers:

Days on the Road to date: 320

Distance Travelled: over 33,000 Kms (20,000 miles)

Provinces / States Visited: 9 / 22

Passes / Memberships: Canada National Parks Annual Pass ($120 – total savings of $20), US National Parks Annual Pass ($80 – total savings of $237), Texas State Park Annual Pass ($70 – total savings of $249), 1 year membership Passport America ($44 – total savings of $327 at associated RV parks)

Beers consumed: 8,473 (give or take)

Wine consumed: 437 cases (give or take)

Weight gained: no comment!

Total Cost: about $40,000 (CAD)

So our projected budget was pretty close, even with Mama Bear going rogue at the shoe stores in California.  We didn’t do everything we intended to do and missed entire regions that we’d planned to visit.  But we did tons of things and went to places we hadn’t anticipated visiting.  That’s the beauty of travelling for a year without a fixed schedule – lots of flexibility.  And despite a really weird weather year, we didn’t get swept up in any tornadoes, caught in any floods, stuck in snow or pelted with baseball-sized hailstones.  Our route decision-making certainly wasn’t perfect but we avoided all the big hazards and it always seemed to work out.

And finally, a word about the star of the show – The Bear.  She was an amazing companion throughout this entire adventure, quickly adapting to her new home, making friends everywhere we went, always entertaining us, and happily going along for the ride.   We’re obviously biased but she’s the best dog, ever.

So while this post sounds a bit like a finale, it ain’t over yet.  We’re back to look for a new home, somewhere, which could take awhile.  So to all those generous friends mentioned above, we may be swinging into your driveway again soon.  Stay tuned – we’ll keep you up to date on our progress and the next chapter of our escapades.   And as always, stay in the groove…





16 thoughts on “It’s Over! (umm, not really)

  1. Loved the blog! Thanks so much fir sharing your amazing adventure. I’ll miss the updates, please do let us know how the house hunting goes. I’m guessing you won’t be in Ottawa again soon but do stay in touch.

    Love, Helen

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  2. You write beautifully Papa Bear, I have enjoyed reading your adventures so much it was like you were right here with us telling. Thanks for taking us along the ride we look forward to the next book.
    Looking forward to see the Bear clan and hug you all.
    Danielle, Witmar and Cooper

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  3. Well, that was one helluva ride and so great that you allowed us to tag along with your very informative blogs. We wish you well in your search on your new adventures in the “groove”.
    Best of everything – Harry 🙂

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  4. As the proud owner of the aforementioned 93 VW – loved reading the blog it was inspiring ! Perhaps a similar journey looms? 😊Hope to see you guys soon!
    Sue & Lucy

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  5. Hi, Guys..
    What a fantastic journey you have experienced!
    Maybe you could publish it in book form !
    Very well written ..
    All the best in your search for a new home.
    Love, Karen and Paul

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  6. Wow that’s a lot of beer and wine consumed which is precisely why I never count. I’m very pleased you three managed to navigate your way through Canada and the U.S. without and major issues. I look forward to adding to that beer statistic.

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  7. Thanks for taking us along with you on your fantastic journey via your blog! Enjoyed every minute. Great photos and very interesting and amusing text….a writer’s heart surely beats within – you should definitely considering publishing! While you’re on Vancouver Island you might want to check out the Comox Valley if you don’t know it already. Beautiful area and affordable property, at least for now until everyone leaving Vancouver discovers it! No we haven’t yet ordered our own Leisure unit but it’s still near the top of The List! Cheers, Karen & Mark (met you on Spanish Banks beach)

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  8. No real surprises relative to your journey, ie; people met, places visited, beer and wine drank, and an overall blast had by you both. You two certainly inject an enthusiastic and magnetic presence wherever you go (Chloe as well). A wonderful blog to keep us informed and get our imaginations churning. Only one thing was missing from that blog ………. How many bottles of RUM consumed? An oversight ….. or ….. an intentional omission? Judy and I have our opinions on that one (lol). So glad you had a wonderful, safe, and interesting trip. Welcome back and good luck with the househunting. Look forward to seeing you in early Fall. You are both ….. SUPER STARS !!!!! Luv yas.

    Bye the way …… Asterisks are a good thing ….right ?????

    Zeph and Judy

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  9. Thanks for sharing your journey. Loved going along with you, hope you continue to share your tales, your writing style amuses me. We leave Bali tomorrow and are home on Wednesday morning, our driveway is your driveway.

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  10. To you three, best of luck in your home roots search. May it take a long time and the journey be just as enjoyable as this last one. Happy Trails, hope our paths cross again! Sandy

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  11. Can’t believe almost a year has gone by! Otto and I hope to see you guys soon, let us know when you’re back in the hood. We hang in Strathcona these days, but we’ll take a detour to visit!

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  12. Can’t believe almost a year has gone by! Otto and I hope to see you guys soon! We hang in Strathcona these days, but let us know when you’re in town and we’ll take a detour over to the old hood.

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