Livin’ la Vida Lesbo

We pulled into sunny San Diego and after spending a quick overnight at the San Diego RV Resort to pump out and fill up with fresh water, we made our way up the highway to the Dyson residence to meet our good friends, The Lesbians, who had flown down from Vancouver for a visit with family.  Bob and Linda – our hosts – along with Renee and Kyle, all warmly greeted us with a delicious homemade lasagna dinner, salad, wine and margaritas.  This was all starting out pretty good…

The following day, the gals toured us around Coronado Beach, followed by lunch (complete with icy lime margs) at Miguel’s Cocina Mexican restaurant.

The day ended with another incredible home-cooked meal over at Renee’s place (sister of one of the lesbians), assisted by her 2 fine sons – Colin and Kyle.  The only disappointment came earlier in the day when we discovered all the rules for California beaches.  We had fully intended to run naked with the Bear, flying a kite while drinking a margarita, in a glass…


The next day, we followed the group on an early morning hike to the top of nearby Cowles Mountain.  Cowles Mountain stands at 1,591 feet and is the tallest peak in Mission Trails Regional Park, one of the largest urban natural parks (6,800 acres) in the US.   The Bear, along with her good friend Hula, led us to the top and enjoyed some spirited Hare Krishna music when we reached the summit.   Odd but this is California…


We finished off another fine day by dining out with the Dyson Clan (and friends) at Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant, home of the monster margarita.  [Note: By now we had to concede to The Lesbians on their years-long blustering that San Diego boasts the best Mexican food and margaritas in the country.  Okay, you proved it!]   After 2 copious happy hour drinks and a delicious dinner, we ended the night back home with some more competitive card games.


On Day 4 of our SD visit, Bob and Linda very graciously provided us with free tickets to the world famous San Diego Zoo.  It was a cool and sunny Saturday so we left early to beat the crowds and see the animals soon after their feeding times (thanks Misha for the insider tips).  It was incredible.  The San Diego Zoo, located in beautiful Balboa Park, houses over 3,700 animals including more than 600 species.  It’s one of the few zoos in the world that successfully breeds the giant panda.  Our favourite was Xioa Liwu.


We had a great time and managed to see most of it (albeit briefly) and get out before being trampled by hundreds of over-sized baby strollers.

We finished off a fantastic day by cooking a pasta-chicken Parmigiano dinner, followed by apple-cherry crumb pie from the Julian Pie Company, and a final fierce night of cards (Papa Bear and Linda teamed up to win the hotly contested Sequence championship).  Bob made delicious Silver Clouds (Amaretto, Kahlua, cream, blended with ice), to end the evening and we laughed our heads off after ‘the incident.’  What a great night.

After a hearty pancake breakfast, we said goodbye to the Dysons and started our journey north up the coast along Historic Route 101.  Bob, Linda and Renee, thank you so much for your very generous hospitality – we had a really wonderful time.  And many thanks to The Lesbians for organizing everything during our visit to the ‘bottom left corner.’  This was the Bear after 5 fun-filled days with the gals…


[Editor’s note: we weren’t sure if the title of this post could be construed as derogatory – which wasn’t our intent.  So just to be sure, we asked Siri, who directed us to another blog called ‘askthelesbos.’  They responded to a similar question stating that while some people won’t tolerate the slightest disrespect, the term is generally casual and fine as long as there are no evil intentions.  So we think we’re good but if not, please send other suggested titles to the attention of ‘The dumb-ass in charge.’  Groove on!]


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