Farewell to Nova Scotia

After making our way uneventfully through New Brunswick, we happily arrived in Nova Scotia and were greeted almost immediately by warm Atlantic hospitality. We pulled into Smiley’s Provincial Park (about 50 km North of Halifax) and after discovering it was closed, Rick – the park caretaker – met us near the gate and allowed us to stay for the night (free). We had the entire campground to ourselves – the Bear went for a swim in the creek, we set up in a large grassy site, complete with a pile of firewood, and then enjoyed a BBQ and a very peaceful evening.

The next day, we made our way to Margaret’s Bay to visit our good friends Nancy and Dave at their oceanfront estate.


As anticipated, this began a downward spiral into a booze-filled tour through the ‘Bluenose State’…  Nancy and Dave were incredible hosts, highlights including a delicious steak and lobster dinner with other family members, a tour of Peggy’s Cove, a day at Mahone Bay for the Scarecrow Fest, daily visits to ‘the farm’ for fresh eggs and produce, and lots and lots of laughs.

Many thanks to Doc and Nancy Pants for an absolutely wonderful visit.  We didn’t want to leave but a certain arsehole friend of ours was turning 60 so we felt obliged to make our way over to Dartmouth to pay our respects.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by a nice welcome sign in the driveway.


Zeph, who had a short-lived wrestling career under the nickname ‘Body Beautiful’ is mostly tired and worn-out now (it was kinda sad to see how he had let himself go) but we were overjoyed to spend time with his beautiful wife Judy and their two wonderful daughters and their families.  We rang in the old fart’s birthday with a big family dinner, and the rum was flowing…


The next day, Zeph and Judy took us for a tour of downtown Halifax and we explored around the harbour front.  A couple of days later, we drove over to Lunenberg and saw the Bluenose II, a replica of Canada’s most famous fishing / racing schooner and the pride of Nova Scotia.


Zeph, now showing his age and failing eyesight, was overheard trying to impress a young lass on the dock, saying: ‘I’ve just gone on da CPP darlin’


That week we toured around the province with Zeph and Judy, visiting Chester, Lunenberg (thanks for dinner Nick and Jo), back to Dartmouth (thanks for dinner Charlie and Linda) and then up to New Glasgow for 4 fun-filled days lounging at the Munro cottage, with spectacular ocean views.  This pretty seaside area is otherwise known as ‘Alabama North’ because almost everyone is a cousin in Pictou county…


As expected, daily treks to the local grog shop were a necessity but we always had ‘Julian’ from the Trailer Park Boys to show us the way into town…

A heartfelt thanks to our great friends Zeph and Judy. We had a truly wonderful time – here’s toasting a ‘Judy glass’ to the both of you. Cheers!



One thought on “Farewell to Nova Scotia

  1. It was such a great time with you three, we are missing you a lot !! Thanks for including us in your NA tour, thanks for the great meals you prepared for us, the memories and the laughs!! One thing you did forget to mention was the superb card playing by Christina and Judy. “We are the Champions …………… SUPERSTAR ” Just sayin……….hugs Safe travels! Judy xo

    Absolutely wonderful visit. It was great catching up and spending quality time with great friends. Extra special that you were here to celebrate the bringing in ( Right Of Passage) of the good ole CPP milestone birthday. It ignited Al’s (aka. “Kitchen Nazi”) penchant for cooking . He prepared a wonderful meal and they subsequently kept on coming. ……. so good I kept wanting to leave him a tip. Instead, I just kept filling his glass. Enough to say … it sufficed. Oh well, back to regular cooking. Chloe dog is just a magnet wherever she goes and for good reason, she is a real ham and knows exactly what to do whenever approached by her adoring fans. Note to young singles …….. Get an Old English sheepdog !!!!!! Also, for those of you yet to be visited by these “Irish (Dane and German) Rovers”, don’t fall asleep and start to snore or you will be awakened by lots of wet dog kisses . All to say Al and Christina …… thanks for stopping along your way, it was special. Wishing you safe and wonderful travels. And Christina ……….. You really are a Saint !!!!!


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