NK’MIP RV Park – you suck

After a whirlwind overnight tour through our old haunt in Vancouver, including buying a cool new inflatable kayak (stay tuned for the launching ceremony), we carried on to the lower Okanagan arriving in Osoyoos.  Given that it was late afternoon on a Saturday, we knew that our favourite place, Haynes Point Provincial Park, would be fully booked so we went over to the Nk’Mip Resort (pronounced ‘in-ka-meep’) having stayed there in the past.  It’s not really our style but it has a winery and is also on the lake.

We arrived and went into the reception to book a site.  The woman at the desk, who seemed to hate her job, advised that they only had one suitable lake front site left for our 25 foot rig.  It had power and water and cost $38.85.  Not a deal by any stretch for a campsite but it was late afternoon, we were a bit tired, and agreed. The woman started the lengthy registration process and just before swiping our credit card asked, “any pets?”  We said, yes.  She then replied, “oh, there’s a charge for dogs, that’ll be another $6.”  WTF?!?  Six bucks for a dog on top of $38?  Are you kidding lady?  We should be charging you for the privilege of having the Bear grace your stinking RV park!  So what does the six bucks get you anyway?  Dog treats, a dog play area, swimming access, a grooming session?  Nope.  Nothing, other than a large sign in the lobby (and another one outside) that says pets must be leashed AT ALL TIMES.

Thanks very much, but we’re outta here.  So off we drove to Haynes Point, knowing the only spots left would be in the over flow area – basically the side of the gravel causeway that leads out to the 41 site campground.  We arrived, found a spot, and set up within a few minutes.  They still charge the same amount as a regular site ($32) but the staff are incredibly friendly and we’ll probably move over to a proper site tomorrow.  We bbq’d fresh bratwurst, the Bear went swimming, and we had a wonderful stroll around the campground.


And best of all, look at the view from our bedroom.


So the moral of the story: don’t stay at a place that rips you off, even if its only a few bucks.  It’s principle.  And if they’re bee-otchy on top of it, it’s a no-brainer.  Go somewhere nice.  Stay in the groove…





One thought on “NK’MIP RV Park – you suck

  1. Looking forward to the kayak launching ceremony. Great minds think alike, we enjoy our Czech-made Australian-bought Gumotex inflatable for our paddles on the Nile.

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