Majestic Mt Robson

Mt Robson has the distinction as the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (3954m) and if you’re approaching from the West along Highway 16 on a clear day, the magnitude of Mt Robson provides a windshield-filling view.  For us, despite dark clouds and thunderstorms all around, we were fortunate for a brief clearing to see Mt Robson in its full glory.  The mountain was first summited in 1913 and is still one of the world’s most difficult climbs.  Nearly 70 groups attempt climbing Mt Robson each year with an average of only 5 reaching the summit.

After a quick stop at the Visitor Centre, we set up at the nearby Meadows Campground.  The Bear was anxious to cool off (it was 24c) so we bushwhacked through the poorly maintained ‘River Trail’ and back along the Overland Trail.  She was happy to dunk her paws in the headwaters of the mighty Fraser River, knowing that the Fraser spills into the Pacific near our old home in East Van after travelling some 1280km.
The following day, we hiked the first leg of the Berg Lake Trail reaching Kinney Lake (it’s typically a 3 day hike to do the 22kms to Berg Lake).  It was drizzling most of the way but the view at the lake was still impressive.
Next stop – Jasper National Park.  Stay tuned…

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